FARAVIA Aircharters

Faravia Quality Charters Worldwide offers the follwing types of charterflights:

1) Passenger Group Charters
2) Executive Charters
3) General Cargo Charters
4) Live stock charters
5) Outsize- & Superheavy Cargo Charters

Our Clients:
Travel agencies
Incentive agencies
Sport teams
Industrial companies
Governmental Organizations
Small, medium sized, and large companies

You can rely on us to provide you with a reliable, high-quality chartersolution to your transportation need. Our three-steps-to-quality system will give you what you are looking for: value for money.



Send us the details of your request by e-mail or fax. We encourage you to use our special charter enquiry form since the information supplied will help us in understanding your requirements better and thus enable us to respond more efficiently.

Upon receipt of your charter enquiry form we will search for a suitable aircraft taking into account the special requirements that you may have indicated. We assure you that airlines which do not have an impeccable record for safety, reliability and customer service will not be considered for your flight! Once we have found the right aircraft for your mission we will send you our detailed quotation with no hidden surprises.
* Charter Enquiry Passenger flights
* Charter Enquiry Cargo flights

This is the easy part. If you like our quotation all you need to do is to send us your acceptance in writing and provide us with the name and contact numbers of the person within your organization responsible for the flight. From there you can relax and let our experienced staff handle all the preparations for a smooth operation. Our services include the availability of a dedicated Flight Manager to travel onboard your flight to ensure that everything is fine and to render any assistance which may be needed in the course of your charter.

Since our company also includes a department that represents airlines, we understand their needs too. Concurrently when Faravia represents your interests, it involves knowing where to acquire the right aircraft and find a cost-effective solution to a very pressing need. Unlike most charter-organisers we assume all of the responsiblities relating to the succesfull operation of a charterflight, including many responsibilities normally handled by the operating airline.
Our experienced staff have arranged charters to even the remotest places on the globe and coordinated them on site. This gives us a competitive edge since you will benefit from our unique hands-on experience.