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With the strong growth in airline traffic groundfacilities at many airports are stretched to the limits, especially during peakhours. At large airports most airlines employ their own staff to ensure a smooth handling of their flights, but at smaller secondary airports with only a limited number of flights of each airline this is often left to the local handling agency for economical reasons. Although this is an accepted policy which works generally well, it has certain disadvantages too. Airlines concerned with corporate image and high quality customer service will find it sometimes difficult to maintain an acceptable level of quality (brand recognition). This is especially important during times of heavy traffic (peak hours, diversions, etc.) or on routes with fierce competition. For these airlines FARAVIA Supervisory Groundhandling is the ideal solution. We act on behalf of the contracting airline to ensure that quality customer service and corporate identy are maintained. This service is currently available at the Benelux airports. Other airports on request.

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If standard isn't good enough why not let us supervise the handling of your charter?
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